licensed to manufacture S•A•F•E•4 Fire Rated Ducting
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Fire Rated Ducting

Rectangular Ducting Supplies are licensed to manufacture
S•A•F•E•4 Fire Rated Ducting

S•A•F•E•4 is a non coated duct and comes ready for installation. It has been designed to cater for the various fire safety requirements within the building industry today. The prevention of fire spreading through ducted systems is of critical importance, and the correct use of fire rated ductwork will maintain the fire compartmentalisation and assist in the safe dispersal of hazardous smoke and fumes.
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The Fire Rated Duct is made from Sheet Metal, without a requirement for painting or any other form of coating. The Special S•A•F•E•4 Flanging System contains a unique compound, the product of years of research, which prevents Fire penetration (EN10346:2009).

Tested to:
BS476 part 24:1987
BS476 part 24:1987 Insulated
400° Uninsulated Test

When you receive your delivery, it includes the necessary materials to ensure a complete system and safe installation. Each installation conforms to a strict code, which specifies rod diameters, support centres, types of mounting strut and fire rated sealants (Installers instructions are provided in advance).

S•A•F•E•4 is a Single Fix Installation, which is a robust product that does not chip and is suitable for building site conditions, with no out of the ordinary lifting equipment required.

S•A•F•E•4 Fire Rated Ductwork is easily verified after installation for compliance with independently verified standards, part of the Warrington “Certifier” Quality System. A Certificate will be issued subject to confirmation of installation as per the Installers Instructions.

S•A•F•E•4 is manufactured to exacting standards, by people with an ethos of Care and Diligence!

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