Investing in a purpose built Factory has giving us a production facility of over 20,000 square feet. This, combined with new state of the art manufacturing technology and machinery has given us the ability to produce high quality ductwork.

Our fully equipped work shop allows us to manufacture any shape rectangular duct, making us capable of covering all of our clients’ requirements. No order is too small, and no project too large!

Manufacturing facility Includes:

  • Esprit CNC Plasma Cutter using MAP software.
  • Engel I-Fold 8 Station Coil Line.
  • Henrob Riveting System.
  • Electronically Controlled Spot Welders – Pedestal & Suspended.
  • Guillotines – Electric & Treadle.
  • RAS Duct Seaming Machine.
  • Lockformers – Pittsburgh & Snap Lock.
  • Pyramid Roller – Powered & Hand Operated.
  • Swagers – Powered & Hand Operated.
  • Folders – Box + Pan & Blade.

All sheet metal fabrication is carried out by our own time served sheet metal workers. Ongoing training is given to all employees to ensure that they are up to date with all aspects of machinery and technical advances.

We pride ourselves on the high standards and quality that we have set at Rectangular Ducting Supplies and all duct work is thoroughly inspected by quality control before being allowed to be released to the customer.

All ductwork is manufactured from high quality UK Sourced galvanised steel and conforms to DW144

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